Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hide & Go Seek

Our baby girl likes to hide...We went for another 4d ultrasound today because we've been wanting to see her again, especially since I'm feeling her move all the time now. Plus the last time we went they said she'd have more fat on her and we wanted to see some chub on her. :o) So yeah, we went again this evening...and Alayna had other plans - like playing hide & seek. She kept turning her face into the placenta and the ultrasound lady was having trouble getting a good shot of her face from the front. We saw her right ear a lot! Towards the end of session she finally turned a bit & we were able to see her chubby cheeks! We also got one good picture of her smiling - she's absolutely adorable!! I love my little Layni-Bug, even if she's playing hide & seek with us.

Chubby Cheeks

Smiling...isn't she beautiful?!?

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