Thursday, July 2, 2009

Such a long time...

Sorry Mom, Michelle and everyone else who's gotten mad at me for not posting anything in for forever! I've been busy!!! Let's see, just to update a few things since the last post:
- we've moved. we now have a 2-bedroom condo, so we have a room to decorate for the baby!
- the baby is a girl! we finally found out at the 2nd ultrasound because the cord was in the way the first time.
- her name is going to be Alayna Noel.
- she's a thumb sucker! so cuuuute to see her sucking her thumb on the ultrasound!
- she's a wiggle worm and kicks me ALL the time now! josh has felt her kicking too. it's so exciting to feel her!
- i have 4D pics of her but i have to find my scanner...
- i'm 6 months pregnant now! 26 weeks and a couple of days to be exact. time has just flown by!

okay, off to bed now! i'm exhausted! (sleeping's gotten a bit uncomfortable lately. sigh...)

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