Friday, March 6, 2009

Not Quite a Gummy Bear

Today was incredible. We heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time. Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing. There's no way to truly describe what I felt at that moment. Just, wow! We got to bring home another picture of our baby too. The ultrasound lady described the baby as bigger than a grain of rice but not quite a gummy bear yet. Hehe, I love it! She also said the baby was moving around in there (she sounded surprised too) so of course Josh interpreted that as "Your son is running the bases in there. He's going to be fast!" Gotta love my husband! :o) So here's the baby:

And if you look closely, you might be able to see what Josh saw:

Note: This is from the pitcher's point of view. Yes, the kid's gonna be a lefty. :o)


  1. one of the parenting websites, I think it's babycenter - my mushy mommy brain can't remember right now - will give you a week by week update of what size your baby is. In the update they'll compare the baby to a fruit or veggie, very fun.