Friday, February 27, 2009

My Mom Knows How to Make Me Cry!

Yup, my Mom always knows how to make me cry. I should note that I don't mean in a bad way before you start thinking she's a meany! I just mean she says things or sends me things, EMOTIONAL things, that just make me cry! (No need to point out that I'm super emotional - even before I was pregnant! hehe...imagine how I am now...yeesh.) My mom sent me this video today of this song; it's very beautiful and caused me to cry. Ok sob. I was thinking of me with my daddy at times and then also thinking of Josh with our baby. Whether or not this one's a girl, I could just picture Josh in my head, holding our baby with so much love in his puppy dog eyes...What a moment. Okay, enough babbling from me. Here's the video:


And if you wanna know what else makes me TV & pay close attention to the Gerber commercials. Especially the one with all the pregnant ladies. I'm such a sucker...

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