Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gifts Because of Baby

Even so soon in the pregnancy, Josh & I have both given each other gifts concerning the baby and we've also received a couple of things from others too...and with these wonderful pregnancy hormones, they've all made me cry! :o) I just wanted to share a few of these gifts so far:

The valentine's day bouquet from Josh had 3 yellow flowers - one for me, one for him, and one for the baby! :o)

On two separate occasions (one just because & the other valentine's day), I gave these cute little onesies to Josh. In case you can't read them, the one on the left says "Daddy's Rookie" (which by the way, even if it's a girl, she's still wearing this) and the one on the right says "My Dad's a Superhero."

Josh gave me this pretty pink & white sapphire ring as an early Valentine's gift. I first thought it was pink because of Valentine's....and then he told me pink is one of October's birthstones. Bring on the waterworks.

Then, this weekend one of my really good friends, Yadira, surprised us with this personalized frame to put a pic in once the baby is born. It was a bit hard to photograph since it was reflective, but it's engraved on the bottom & it reads "The Miranda Family." She gave me a really nice card to go with it - it was very touching to read what she wrote to me. :o) Thanks again Yadi!

And last, but definitely not least, for those of you who don't know - I'm spoiled. There I said it. Not just by my husband, but my dad still likes to spoil me too. Ever since I was 5, my dad has always bought me flowers for Valentine's Day. Yes, every year for the last twenty-something years, my dad has given me flowers for Valentine's. :o) Last year, it was extra special because he picked out an arrangement in a basket similar to the one my mom carried in their wedding. He picked it so that I could have my flower girl use it in my wedding last year. Well, this year's flowers also included something a lil' extra. It was a cute little teddy bear with a red bow tie with hearts on it. And on the note he wrote "Happy Valentine's Day! I think you know who the bear is for. Love you, dad." Isn't he the best? Love you too dad!