Thursday, February 26, 2009

Telling His Parents (and the rest of the family)

Friday, February 6th was Valerie's birthday. (I should mention that she proclaimed it her 1st birthday, as she's starting over. heehee...) So anyways, it was finally the day we could make our announcement to Josh's family. Those 5 days were the longest ever (and I think Thursday was even longer for Josh since we were finally able to tell MY parents and he still had to bite his tongue around his family!) Everybody was going to Olive Garden to celebrate with Val and Josh & I made it a point to sit right next to the birthday girl. We agreed to wait till AFTER we all ordered to make the announcement to avoid any interruptions....or so we thought. hehe

Josh had talked to Noel about filming that night because he wanted it on video when we gave Val her present (didn't tell her WHAT though!)...So after we had all ordered our food, and Josh made sure that Noel had her camera all cued up (after she took FOREVER showing Marlene a video of Leila dancing), Josh stood up. "First off, I want to thank everyone for coming tonight and I want to wish my mom a happy birthday!" He turned to me to grab my hand and ask me to stand up with him. Just then we hear "Hang on! My tape ran out!" Yes, RIGHT BEFORE Josh was going to make the announcement that Noel was videotaping, her tape ran out. LOL... At this point, I saw Val looking at me with the corner of her eyes with a silly grin on her face. Do you think she knew what we were about to announce? I quickly looked the other way, probably making it even more obvious.

Okay, new tape in, all cued up. Mikey says "Take two. And Action!" Josh starts over for the sake of getting a continuous video, then turns to me again & asks me to stand. He finally gets to announce, "Allison and I are pregnant!" Yay!!! Val throws her arms up in the air like she just won a gold medal. "Yes! Yes!" Here's a picture of her moments after the big announcement:

Josh said afterward that he was so excited to tell them. He had always looked forward to the day that he could tell them he was finally going to be a father. :o)

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